How to protect yourself from the devaluation of money


Today I want to talk to you about how to protect yourself from the devaluation of money.

There are various theories of economists that describe what will happen over the next few years.
They seem rather few people are worried about the consequences that inevitably there will be on the continuous devaluation of the money of the latter periods.
The goal of this article is to illustrate the full picture to be aware and start immediately to protect your financial future first it’s too late.

What will be the Economic Outlook on the period that goes from 2016 until 2020,
The economic crisis has passed or we will have to wait a few more years?

The devaluation of money will continue to strike with such violence?
We start from an assumption that the economy always moves through economic cycles.
There are certainly differing schools of thought among economists from around the world,
but it is plausible that going to analyze the last 100 years, generational cycles
You can figure out for sure what will happen in these next four years.
Just go and see the theories of Nikolai Kondratiev (the first to bring these observations
to international attention with his book “the great economic cycles” (1925) together with other
works written in the same decade) to understand that in the next 4 years we head towards a large economic depression that will last until 2020.
Many world famous economists like Harry Dent confirms that we are on the verge of a major global economic crisis.
The U.S. stock market will go towards the crack.

look at this picture, devaluation of money

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How to protect yourself from the devaluation of money

look at this picture, devaluation of money

theories of Nikolai Kondratiev

To overcome this severe economic crisis that has been generated in recent years
There was also the constant pursuit of different countries to devalue their currencies
thinking with this to stimulate economic growth through exports.
This approach has meant that has been placed on the market by central banks
immense amounts of money that have created many problems for citizens who have found themselves
to come to terms with a lower purchasing power of their money and with a continuous rise in prices.
Throughout history, the devaluation took place with a gearbox with the gold.

With the continued printing money in the market you have other types of problems, firstly you can have positive effects due to currency depreciation, but over the years the Nations into bankruptcy gets the benefits at the expense of other foreign Nations because the money of debt that would have to pay customers are subscribers while maintaining the gains that would have to pay in debt contracts.

Implementing this policy of lower prices and the continuous devaluation of money,
you build over time that the amount of money circulating in the country wanes
generating a decrease being conspicuous amongst the populace.

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How to protect yourself from the devaluation of money

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