Compare Prices of one gram of gold

Compare Prices

Compare Prices of one gram of gold produced with certification LBMA

Compare Prices of one gram of gold produced with certification LBMA







Compare Prices

You can buy grams of gold in small amounts?
Some companies such as Pamp Suisse are accredited with certification LBMA.
The difference with the shapes and Karatbar are due to integrated security.
PAMP Suisse does not offer the security technology that offers karatbars.

In 1993 the Bank UBS in Switzerland announced the creation of small ingots of gold Kinebar,
for kinebar means a trademark hologram that possess this type of contents obtained on the side
back of gold.

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Union Bank of Switzerland (UBS) has introduced a new type of contents obtained with hologram to verify authenticity. The Union Bank of Switzerland, called affiliate refinery Argor-Heraeus SA is responsible for the implementation of the hologram on the back of the bars as a safety precaution. This hologram is a safety device that is designed by Landis & Gyr communications.

" Bar " Karatbars cards were considered revolutionary when presented as an invention that heralded a new golden age in the monetization. These gold bars were not only designed to provide an alternative for investors, but also to have unique pieces with a beautiful and special color spectrum Prism.

The technology with which you create these cards is the first step towards technological innovation in the field of safety of precious metals. Karatbars gold cards offer new safety standards in the metal trade and authenticity. In this age of smuggling and counterfeiting, the market is called to increase the level of security.

The gold kinebar is the most sought after type of gold in the world.
As long as the hologram remains intact, the owner has the responsibility to run the demonstrations for
verify its fineness, purity and weight of gold.

If gold does not have this type of features and you need to sell quickly,
you have to find a gold assayer who analyze and prove the fineness, purity and weight.
The process turns out to be not only very expensive but also very long in terms of time.

You will want to have the contents obtained safe and already checked so that you can resell your small ingots and get your money right away?
So if you need to liquidate your contents obtained quickly,
You can search for on the Internet or on other brokers bullion,
to find out that most all of the gold kinebar bullion brokers are exhausted.

Security technology will save you lots of time and pain when you’re in a
situation of selling your gold.
There are only two refineries in the world using this technology that differs from Karatbars.
These two companies are the Argo Heraeus and UBS.

From January 2015, Karatbars has created a very safe and secure product than anyone else
on the market. All our Gold still has the hologram, but we also use DNA technology where
wet gold is literally in one bathroom. We also have genetic markers hidden in
paper and gold itself which can be seen only by the black light technology.

Our lamination process is second to none!
At the beginning we had the refineries to produce the rolling of our Gold together with UBS and Argus
Heraeus.  Unfortunately, we had no problems with the peeling laminate.
This led Harald Seiz to find the highest technology of rolling in the world.
Bought the machines and hired staff to seal gold in house at our headquarters in

Compare Prices
We challenge anyone to keep UBS 1 gram 1 gram kinebar alongside a Karatbars
There is absolutely no contest when it comes to quality and safety.
In addition we challenge anyone to find one gram with this technology that is being sold for less.
Karatbars costs from $ 5 to $ 20 less per gram than any other retailer.

There is a video that explains why the security technology we use is so valuable and why gold product
from Karatbars is sought after by many gold buyers around the world.
PAMP SUISSE bar 2 5 grams! Bought on Ebay! FAKE GOLD BARS
Pamp Suisse gold bullion false warning with tungsten found in New York
Detect fake gold Perth Mint Bar

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Karatbars on new tabs, the DNA is already included with 2 (not 1) holograms. One is silver in
appearance and is embedded in the paper.  Another hologram still remains on the back of gold.
The name Karatbars is laser etched in gold even under the hologram.

The hologram is a big deal.   Until such a hologram remains intact, there are no
problems on the issue if you have gold or vandal who tried to contraffarlo.
DNA/genetic markers are there to prevent anyone from contraffarre our gold.

If you need to liquidate, it is now easy to show if you have altered the gold content or counterfeited
the product.
Have you watched the video above showing how a leading retailer in New York has deceived a
customer who wanted to buy into a test with equipment not reliable?
All those shops that sell little gold, small jewellery and pawn have not
the equipment to verify the contents by weight, subtlety and purity of the gold.

If you earn more than a 1 million extra, can buy one of the new laser tester that use only
high-end refineries.
With increasing economic crisis it is possible that this protection will become increasingly valuable.
You can use the search engine to see what emerged over the past 5 years.

This feature alone explains why in the future we can have big difficulty to find gold with
These safety features that Karatbars offers.
Try now to find gold Kinebar.
Because most retailers are sold out. ‘???
Price: Karatbars versus Goldline (prices on December 15, 2015)
3.11 Goldline gram 999. Bar (refinery accreditted LBMA?) and no security features.  Is the smallest sized gold which can be bought at Goldline.

It costs $ 830 (755 euro-1.10 exchange rate on the date mentioned above) for a pack of five grams should you purchase the pack before you can take the gold.  For your first order shipping is free, but after shipping will cost you a minimum $ 25. If you order less than $ 2500, you have a cost of $ 25 extra.

The basic package from five garmmi has a cost of 755 euros so 151 euros for a bar of 3.11 grams.
Karatbars comparison:
Available in a 1 gram gram 999.9 24 k pure 2.5 and 5 gram gold bullion market Association London certified along with many safety features incorporated in the Charter which is not the product of Goldline. Are available 1/10 of a gram of specialty papers and soon to be released 1/10 of a gram of paper money.

Karatbars prices are as follows from 12/15/15
1 gram, sold individually, amounts to euro 52.79 and with a 3% discount which can be had for a year–the cost is 51.21 per gram and there is no minimum purchase. 2.5 grams sold individually equals 120.35 euros and if you add a 3% off coming to 116.74 euros.  If you divide by 2.5 per gram total amounts to 46.70 euros per gram. 5 grams sold individually cost 219.30 euros. And if you add a 3% off coming out to 212.72.  If that is divided by five coming out to 42.54 per gram.

There is free storage in Germany and you can keep your gold as long as you want to make your charge to FedEx it makes sense that it cost $ 25.
Our affiliate program has seven ways to get paid and also with free account five-so when you refer others can get out of pocket your gold with no cost (everything from commissions earned) and make money depending on your goals.

There is also a brand new calculation called 100 VIP where you can buy 300 grams of gold in a moment.
Karatbars cost per gram, if you figure out the bars of 5 grams, comes to euro 42.54 and Goldline per gram as bar 3.11 grams comes out at 48.52 euros per gram, and you don’t have an affiliate program.

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[swiss 1 gram pamp] Swiss Gold Bar weighing 1 gram PAMP



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[UBS 1 gram gold] UBS Gold (Kinebar) 1 gram weight


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1 gram of weight goldKARATBARS KB

The Karatbars program is not for traders. Is for savers

Item # 1
KARATBARS is a private company.
The gold coins minted and issued by any Government is possible they could be called back by the issuer (the Government).

Gold Karatbars are private, gold 999.9 gold ingots.
• Transactions are completed in Germany.
• Karatbars is an E-Commerce company with an affiliate marketing program.
• The stamp of refinery London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) on gold.

With all the other companies that sell gold
The redemption price is lower for less than the sale price.
With Karatbars there are many other options available
• The security features on the cards …
• You can still use the cards to buy goods and services from many merchants that accept them as payment.
• Exploit the list of local Exchange karatbars to resell contents obtained for gold at current retail price.

Item # 2
If you have one ounce of gold and all you need is a few hundred dollars, you must sell the whole ounce.
If you are in a period of high inflation, you will want to leave for you the most gold possible.
On the downside, it can happen when you have to find a dealer willing to give you a fair price without having to stand in line etc..
Karatbars (1-gram) eliminates the need to convert to cash or use more gold than what you need at that moment.
You cannot chip or cut a piece from an ounce and wait until someone can give you that amount in cash or goods and services.
Karatbars is a carrier of GOLD for the masses.
Almost everyone can afford to buy $ 65 at all times.
Anyone, without charge or cost, you can introduce other affiliates Karatbars and earn a Commission.
But why not, with little effort, introduce other affiliates and get your gold bought with commissions earned?

Item # 3
Characteristics of the Karatbars Gold
Produced by a refinery accredited LBMA.  See
do not take lightly the LBMA-certification
In order to obtain certification, minimum 3 years and society LBMA must not have found any kind of problem.
Our SMALL INGOTS of gold Karatbars are extremely difficult to contraffarre and are verifiable instantly through inspection.
There is a possibility to get a free storage, in different geographical areas.
Low shipping cost for delivery of your gold from your residential address (about $ 20 from 1-50 + grams).
Our company is subsidizing the cost of shipping to ensure that the shipment reaches exactly the intended recipient of the customer.
Karatbars stores your data in its files, and your data is not in circulation or visible as a thrift store of a normal Bank.
If for some reason you can’t trust completely to an offshore account, so it will be much easier to get your account Karatbars eacquistare one-Gold.
Contents obtained gold cards can be issued in denominations of your choice (0.5 grams, 1 gm, gm 2.5 and 5 gm  Understand: gold exchange is one thing; to change out of gold is another.
Karatbars is the easiest, no frills, to buy and resell your gold or to develop a business worldwide.
Karatbars provides comprehensive strategy and more valid than any other company that offers gold.
Karatbars International will buy back your gold Karatbars the best buyback price guaranteed.
You can sell to other clients Karatbars or affiliates.
Soon, we will be able to Exchange fractions of a gram online, using cards.
Other major financial institutions they see us as a reliable financial partner; for example, the Vatican City who bought 100 kg of our Gold karatbars.
No one can doubt that the Vatican is a major worldwide financial giant.
Football clubs like Real Madrid society, hip-hop artists, many churches, an airline etc.
We’re just getting started.
Remember: open a GOLD Account free is the best thing you can do to buy gold at a discount or to develop a business from your home or you can resell to Karatbars at a higher price than other competitors.

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Last advice

Take advantage of this powerful business to build with us a fantastic financial assets to a radiant future.

Please share your thoughts and suggestions on this topic in a comment below. Share with your friends and help others to build and develop a business full of gold and founded on saving!!

Thanks for reading!

I wish you the best success online!!

Kind regards

-Roberto Scarponi

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