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Gold Karatita Investing – karatbars Italy

Gold Karatita Investing – karatbars Italy

 The gold was the Sun gods. From 2800 years, gold has been a recurring theme for the currency of the past.Gold  Karatita Investing – karatbars-Italy

Gold Karatita Investing – karatbars Italy

Corporate Office in Stuttgart, Germany

• Karatbars International GmbH was founded in Dec. 2011

• International Launch: September 2012

• International Shipping to over 119 Countries

• Specialized in the production and sales of high-Quality gold products in small increments.

What does Karatbars offer?

•   Financial Freedom
•   Financial Independence
•   Hedge your savings against financial crisis
•  Two income options to earn between 1,500€ and 3,000€ per month

•   Opportunity to start a full-time career earning €4,000 to €20,000 per month

The Components for your Success

•  Company and Management
•  Market potential / Timing
•  5000- year old tradition
•  The best product in the world
•  Unique Affiliate Program
•  Affiliate Dual Team Income

Gold Mega Market

Gold has a history of over 5000 years. Even in ancient times, gold was an important raw material.

Why Hedge with gold

1. In 2008, the crisis began with the real estate bubble, meaning the banks had to write off your loans. New money had to be printed.

2. The global crisis in Europe and the United States can lead to global inflation causing a rapid decrease in value.
3. In the EU, problems continue to grow. First Greece, then Spain and now Portugal need bailouts. How long can this continue?
4. Until 1970 the dollar was backed by gold. Since 1971, the dollar was detached from the gold.

Experts Opinion: Change your money into gold

For most people, it is unaffordable to acquire gold. This is where Karatbars International steps in with a one of a kind opportunity.

Karatbars Gold Product Line

•  Classic Karatbar
•  Country Karatbar
•  Branding Karatbar
•  Special Karatbar
•  Collector Karatbar
•  3D Metal Karatbar
•  License Karatbar
•  Karatbars Coin
•  Merchandising Products
•  T-Shirts
•  Karatbars Watches


Karatbar Design. In comparison to the Special Karatbars, these come at a cheaper price.

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to store and display  karatbars  cards


Gold Karatita Investing – karatbars Italy

Gold Karatita Investing Karatbars Italy allcards


Gold Karatita Investing – karatbars Italy

Last advice

Take advantage of this powerful business to build with us a fantastic future.

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